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Welcome to Adams County

For those interested in history and culture, Adams County has a wealth of attractions to explore. The Corning Opera House, a historical landmark, stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving its heritage. The Adams County House of History, formerly the County Jail, showcases exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the county’s past, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of its rich history. Fall head over heels for this community as you engage in the history of the French utopian society, restored birthplace of Johnny Carson, Freedom Rock Park, an abundance of activities at Lake Icaria, and plenty of outdoor fun for the entire family with swimming, golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, NASCAR racing, and plenty of live entertainment to quench the night life expectations.

Throughout the year, Adams County hosts a variety of events and festivals that bring the community together. From county fairs celebrating agriculture and rural life to community meals and an art culture, there’s always something happening in Adams County. These events offer a great opportunity for both residents and visitors to experience the warmth and hospitality of the community.

Adams County, Iowa, is ideally located in the middle of the Omaha, Des Moines, and Kansas City triangle. Whether you’re drawn to its rich history, natural beauty, or vibrant local culture, this county has something to offer everyone.

So, if you’re looking for a hidden gem with community engagement, consider making Adams County your next destination. You might just find yourself captivated by the charm and warmth of this Midwestern treasure.


Catch the fever of dirt track racing and experience the thrill as drivers compete door to door in heart pounding action at the historic 1/2 mile Adams County Speedway.

Exciting action every summer Saturday night for the entire family with special kids events, an alcohol-free family seating section available, and great concession stands.

Weekly classes include: Modifieds, Stock Cars, Hobby Stocks, B-mods, Compacts, Plus Late Models at Special Events.


March 16: Poker Tournament, Corning

March 22: Banquet & Auction, Corning

March 30: Easter Egg Hunt, Corning

March 30: Easter Egg Hunt, Prescott

April 3: Library Coffee, Prescott

April 5: First Friday Friends, Corning

April 6: Adult Prom, Prescott

April 13: Jimmy Ryan the Heroes Behind the Hits, Corning

April 20: Basics of Nature Journaling Workshop, Lake Icaria, Corning

May 1: Library Coffee, Prescott

May 3: First Friday Friends Series, Corning

May 6: BBQ – Corning Community Center, Corning

May 10: Vogel & Thomas Mother’s Day Event Weekend, Corning

May 13: Scholarship BBQ, Corning

June 1-2: Citywide Garage Sales, Corning

June 5: Library Coffee, Prescott

July 3: Library Coffee, Prescott

July 6: Youth Fishing Tournament, Lake Icaria Marina

Aug. 2-4: Adams Timber Tri (Sprint Triathlon), Lake Icaria

Aug. 6: Golf Tournament, Happy Hollow Lake Icaria

Aug. 7: Library Coffee, Prescott

Aug. 25: Sunday Supper, Corning

Sept. 4: Library Coffee, Prescott

Sept. 12: Y-Teen Cake Auction, Corning

Sept. 12: Coronation, Corning

Sept. 13-14: American Theater Tour 10am-1pm, Corning

Sept. 13-14: Corning Opera House Tour 1pm, Corning

Sept. 13-14: R&S Collectibles Tours 1-5pm, Corning

Sept. 13: Homecoming Parade, Tailgate meal & Football Game, Corning

Sept. 14: Johnny Carson Car Show, Corning

Sept. 14: All Graduate Banquet, Corning

Sept. 14: Homecoming Dance, Corning

Oct. 2: Library Coffee, Prescott

Oct. 5: Jake McVey (country), Corning

Oct. 6: Sunday Meal, Carbon

Oct. 9: Library Open House, Prescott

Oct. 9: Fire & Rescue Open House 6-9pm, Prescott

Oct. 10: Fire Department Open House, Corning

Oct. 13: Sunday Meal Community Center 11-1pm, Carbon

Oct. 27: Trunk or Treat & Book Fair, Prescott

Nov. 6: Library Coffee, Prescott

Nov. 7: Pumpkin Decorating Event, Prescott

Nov. 21: Food Pantry Dinner, Corning

Nov. 28: Thanksgiving Meal, Prescott

Nov. 30: Small Business Saturday, Corning

Nov. 30: Santa at Workshop, Corning

Nov. 30: Holiday Lighted Parade, Corning

Dec. 4: Library Coffee, Prescott

Dec. 6: Remembrance Chamber Coffee Reading of Names Program 10am, Corning

Dec. 6: 14th Annual Community Christmas Dinner, Corning

Dec. 7: Kids Shopping Day, Corning

Dec. 7: Santa at Workshop and Gingerbread House Decorating, Corning

Dec. 7: Remembrance Meal & Fundraiser, Corning

Dec. 14: Santa at Workshop Central Park 11:30-1, Corning

Dec. 14: Christmas in Prescott – Santa, Carriage Rides, 3:30-5:30, Prescott

Dec. 25: Christmas Meal Coopers Kitchen 11-3pm, Corning

For a current listing of events, visit their calendar at:


Adams County Freedom Rock

6th Street East of Davis Avenue (across from the Wellness Center)

Adams County House of History

1000 Benton Avenue 641.418.0078

Adams County Speedway

1200 John Street Corning 641.322.4184 (race day)

Corning Aquatic Center

1400 John Street, Corning

Corning American Theater

704 Davis Avenue 641.418.8006

Corning Center for the Fine Arts

706 Davis Avenue 641.322.4549

Corning Opera House

800 Davis Avenue 641.418.8037

Floating Vine

Hwy 34 & 148 Intersection 641.745.9974

French Icarian Village

2349 – 220th Street 515.321.9743

Kline Museum

112 6th Avenue Prescott 641.335.2445

Johnny Carson Birthplace

500 13th Street 641.322.3212

R&S Collectibles

510 Davis Avenue Corning 641.322.4777


Happy Hollow Country Club

2068 Valley Road, Corning

Biking & Hiking Trails

Lake Icaria

1756 Juniper Ave., Corning
6 miles of nature trails across bridges and stairs around Lake Icaria


The Main Stay Airbnb

Corning Hotel

2260 Juniper Ave., Corning (on Hwy. 34) | 641-418-8190

Lake Icaria Cabins & Cottages


Spring Lake Park:

101 Quincy Street, 27 acres, includes two softball fields and plenty of
space for exploring. Favorite area for mushroom hunting in the wooded area Southwest side of Corning along Hwy 148 just north of Hwy 34.

Talty Wildlife Area:

1628 Lake Icaria Rd, Corning

Grove Park:

10th and Grove Avenue, Corning

Hoskinson Wildlife Area:

2195 200th Street, Corning

Hamilton Prairie:

2330 Redwood Ave, Prescott

Memorial Rock Park

406 6th Street, Corning

Lake Icaria

1756 Juniper Avenue, 650 -acre lake, Marina, 14 cabins, 2 cottages, two campgrounds,

Lake Binder:

1-1⁄2 miles northeast of Corning, no wake, 56 campsites, 641-322-4230.

During the summer, join us for our monthly First Friday BBQ in
Central Park. Our community-focused businesses are excited to offer a
delicious and complimentary lunch to everyone who stops by. Enjoy the
food, the sunshine, and the company.

Elevate your Sunday evening with a mouth watering meal in the Main Street District. Sunday Supper on August 25th features a delectable culinary experience provided by Chef Joel Mahr from Primrose Restaurant. Contact the Chamber office at 641.322.3243 to secure your spot for this unforgettable event in our charming Main Street District.