Adams County


If you are traveling the rollings hills of southwest Iowa, past the corn fields and beyond the business of the I-80 or I-29 interstates, you may be surprised to discover a small community with a thriving entrepreneurial population and local personality to rival larger cities. Ideally located in the middle of the Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City triangle, Corning is overflowing with opportunities, relaxation and FUN! Featured by Rural Revival, “Corning is a forward-thinking community that is full of vision for their small town” with “local leaders and business owners who are making an impact here.”

For a travel destination, this little town has much to offer. Corning Hotel, which opened in 2020, offers 33 rooms of various sizes along US Highway 34. Several bed and breakfast or vacation rentals by owners as well as campsites and cabins at the two local lakes provide lots of opportunities for lodging.

A walk down Corning’s Great American Main Street (Davis Avenue) reveals many must-see shops and restaurants, including a farm-to-table restaurant, unique curated shops, an old-style soda fountain, a unique coffee bar and so much more. History buffs will enjoy learning about the historic French utopian community, birthplace of an iconic TV talk show host, 1902 Opera House, historic jail turned museum, as well as antique and classic cars, tractors, fire trucks and agricultural tools.

Outdoor enthusiasts can swim, golf, camp, fish, hike, boat, paddle, hunt, attend NASCAR racing and enjoy the many beautiful natural spaces in Corning all year round.

While visitors can enjoy the many things Corning and Adams County have to offer, those looking to live and work in Corning will find even more opportunities. The creativity-centered elementary school and renovated high school are great for families. There are also thriving church communities here. The wellness center, aquatic center, golf course, ballparks, tennis courts, various continued from page 7 parks and recreational sport leagues make it a wonderful place to stay active and be outside. Whether you are just looking for a place to visit or wanting to relocate, Adams County is a thriving community with many opportunities to live, work and play. Corning, Iowa has a personality larger than its population and a culture that flourishes as it continues to thrive.

Learn more about this community by visiting our website at or give the Chamber a call at 641-322-3243. We would love to have you visit us in Adams County!


April 18: Legislative Forum, Corning Public Library, Corning

April 28: The Play That Goes Wrong, Corning

April 29: The Play That Goes Wrong, Corning

April 29: Building Better Birders, Corning

May 1: Rotary Scholarship BBQ, Corning

May 5: 1st Friday BBQ, Corning

May 5: Disappearing Iowa Towns by Rosa Snyder, Opera House, Corning

May 6-7: Citywide Cleanup. Corning

June 2: 1st Friday BBQ, Corning

June 2: Iowa’s Underground Railroads by David Cannon, Opera House, Corning

June 2-3: Corning Citywide Garage Sales, Corning

June 3:Kids Free Fishing Clinic – All Counties

June 15-16: Finding Nemo (Youth Musical) Opera House, Corning

July 1: Youth Fishing Tournament, Corning

July 2: Treasure Hunt & Fireworks, Corning

July 4: 63rd Annual Flight Breakfast, Corning

July 7: 1st Friday BBQ, Corning

July 7: Building Better Birders, Corning

July 7-11: Adams County Fair, Corning

July 22: Battle of the BBQ, Corning

July 29: Battle of the BBQ Lunch, Corning

July 29: Lazy Days, Corning

August 4: 1st Friday BBQ, Corning

August 13: Building Better Birders, Corning

August 26: Inaugural Sprint Triathlon & 5K, Corning

Sept. 1: 1st Friday BBQ, Corning

Sept. 16: 9th Annual Johnny Carson BP, Corning

Oct. 6: 1st Friday BBQ, Corning

Oct. 8: Carbon Sunday Meal, Carbon

Nov. 3: Chamber Coffee, Opera House, Corning

Nov. 3-4: Holiday Retail Open House, Corning

Nov. 4: Holiday Boutique Vendor Fair, Corning

Nov. 11: Veterans Free Breakfast, Corning

Nov. 12: Chicken & Noodle Fall Dinner, Corning

Nov. 16. Food Pantry Dinner, Corning

Nov. 17: Chamber Coffee, Corning

Nov. 25: Small Business Saturday / Kids Shopping Day, Corning

Nov. 25: Santa @ Santa House / Holiday Lighted Parade 6 p.m., Corning

Dec. 1: Light of hope Chamber Coffee, Corning

Dec. 1: 13th Annual Community Christmas Dinner, Corning

Dec. 2: Santa visits the Santa House, Corning

Dec. 7: Light of Hope Chamber Coffee, Corning

Dec. 8: Flyovers (a cappella), Corning

Dec. 16: Santa visits the Santa House / Gingerbread House Decorating, Corning

Dec. 25: Christmas Meal, Corning

For a current listing of events, visit their calendar at:


Adams County Freedom Rock

6th Street East of Davis Avenue (across from the Wellness Center)

Adams County House of History

1000 Benton Avenue 641.418.0078

Adams County Speedway

1200 John Street Corning 641.322.4184 (race day)

Corning Aquatic Center

1400 John Street Corning

Corning American Theater

704 Davis Avenue 641.418.8006

Corning Center for the Fine Arts

706 Davis Avenue 641.322.4549

Corning Opera House

800 Davis Avenue 641.418.8037

Floating Vine

Hwy 34 & 148 Intersection 641.745.9974

French Icarian Village

2349 – 220th Street 515.321.9743

Kline Museum

112 6th Avenue Prescott 641.335.2445

Johnny Carson Birthplace

500 13th Street 641.322.3212

R&S Collectibles

510 Davis Avenue Corning 641.322.4777


the Carriage House Castle in Corning Airbnb

Next to the Golf Course, Happy Hollow Country Club

Corning Hotel

2260 Juniper Ave., Corning (on Hwy. 34) | 641-418-8190

Lake Icaria Cabins & Cottages

The Main Stay Airbnb

517 Davis Ave., Corning |


Grove Park:

10th and Grove Avenue, Corning

Lake Binder:

1-1⁄2 miles northeast of Corning, no wake, 56 campsites, 641-322-4230.

Lake Icaria

1756 Juniper Avenue, 650 -acre lake, Marina, 14 cabins, 2 cottages, two campgrounds,

Hamilton Prairie:

2330 Redwood Ave, Prescott

Hoskinson Wildlife Area:

2195 200th Street, Corning

Memorial Rock Park

406 6th Street, Corning

Spring Lake Park:

101 Quincy Street, 27 acres, includes two softball fields and plenty of
space for exploring. Favorite area for mushroom hunting in the wooded area Southwest side of Corning along Hwy 148 just north of Hwy 34.

Talty Wildlife Area:

1628 Lake Icaria Rd, Corning

Enjoy our Commercial Historic District in our award winning Main Street Corning with events happening year-round like the Johnny Carson Car Show each year in September

Stop by our local Farm to Table award winning restaurant,

Primrose with outdoor seating all summer long.

Farmer's Market

Corning Central Park
Thursdays, 5 p.m., May-September

Adams County Fair

July 7 – July 11