Ken Sidey Nature Area
2521 Lewis Ave., Greenfield
3 miles of trails through 107 acres of pristine timber.

Lake Orient Recreation Area
3103 Orange Ave., Orient
2 miles of mowed grass hiking trails through an 86- acre park. The trail also wraps around the 24-acre lake with 22 modern campsites.

Mormon Trail Park
2828 Delta Ave., Bridgewater
1 mile of mowed grass hiking trails through tall grass prairie. The park also offers a 25-acre lake with 18 modern and primitive campsites.

Correll Wildlife Area
1 mile east of Adair
1.5 miles of mowed grass hiking trails through tall grass prairie.

Lake Greenfield
1 mile southwest of Greenfield
2-mile paved walking trail around Lake Greenfield.


Lake Icaria
1756 Juniper Avenue, Corning
6 miles of nature trails across bridges and stairs around Lake Icaria.


Q-Pond Park and Walking Trail
Just off exit 34, I-35

East Lake Park Trail
Hwy 34, just east of Osceola.

Hempry Path
Connecting the high school ball field complex


Mapleleaf Pathway
Northeast side of Diagonal
1.5 mile natural trail on an old Chicago Northwestern railroad bed. This railway system formed an outline of a maple leaf on the rail map.

Ringgold Trailway
East side of Mount Ayr on Hwy 169
25-acre trail system that includes a 2-mile asphalt trail built along an old Burlington Northern railroad bed that extends from Hwy 169 to Poe Hollow Park, with parking access at both ends.

Boone Woods
Southwest of Redding
A vast trail system runs through this rough terrain and provides a challenge for hikers, hunters, and equestrians. A trail and boundary map can be found at a kios in the north parking area.


Park to Park Trail
McKinley Park to Green Valley State Park
The 5+ mile paved walking/biking trail extends through McKinley Park to the south edge of Green Valley State Park. It then connects with 3.5 miles of paved trail around Green Valley Lake to the campground. Another 6 miles of grass surface trail (suitable for walking and mountain biking) continues from the campground around the lake.